The Railway Examinations almost underway and will come in 15 Regional Languages

The government of India has recently exposed through its government official notice the fact that the Railway papers will be multilingual. This is set to ensure that all candidates all over the country get an opportunity to sit on the exam. With that, a good number of candidates will get an opportunity to participate hence wider candidacy. The Railway Corporation has also that the way the exams will be conducted will be affected through introducing on the job training programs for all the staff members. This has ensured that the Railway Examination staffs are equipped with better skills to handle all tasks related to the exams.

The Qualification, Application Date Lines, and Age Limit Factor

Apparently, for those who have all along been unsure of the age limit, application datelines and qualification have a reason to smile because the Ministry of Railways has outlined it through its averts. It should be considered that the ALP/Technician posts will open soon. The closing date for the same will be closed at a date that will be announced later by the Railways Recruitment Board.

ADDA 247 has taken the challenge of doing away with all the barriers facing candidates

Being an online platform where you access all the past mock exams, ADDA247 has jumped in for rescue. This platform has announced the fact that 9 regional languages will be used to present the practice tests. In that case, for practice test needs, feel free to join the Adda247 platform and access contents. This will help you as far as the need to pass the Railway ALP and Technician Exam in your regional language is concerned.

Adda247 Shortlists 9 out of 15 Languages meant for Railway Exam Practice

For the candidates, it is worth a sigh of relief because there are various mocks for railway exams availed in various languages. The 9 exams practice papers are Gujarati Group-D, Kannada Group-D, Punjabi Group-D, Odiya Group-D, Assamese Group-D, Bengali Group-D, Tamil Group-D, Telegu Group-D and Marathi Group-D. With these resources, Adda247 will encourage you by helping you attain your goals. All you need to do now is subscribe to RAILWAY PRIME and sharpen yourself for the next Railway exams.

What are the other 15 Languages used in Railway Exams?

Just to let you know of all the languages in which the Railway Exams will be examined, here are the 15 regional languages: Hindi, Urdu, English, Assamese, Gujarati, Bengali, Konkani, Kannada, Manipuri, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu, Odia, Punjabi, and Tamil. These are the languages and you need to be proficient in them so as to make sure that you communicate well during question answering session.

Moreover, through Adda247, you are assured of an excellent EBook that will help you in building your concept. On the other hand, it has availed a variety of test that covers all the Railway Recruitment exams. To enjoy these products, you need to subscribe with Rs.499 and enjoy the resources for one full year.

Updated: August 26, 2018 — 7:20 pm

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